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VMware VCA-NV Study Resources

While studying for VCA-NV I found a few study resources online which I found and used to help me pass the VCA-NV.

I am due to take the online NSX - Install, Manage & Configure course next week and so was wondering how my current understanding was.  So I looked on the VMware website and found a three hour VMware Self Paced e-learning for the VMware Certificated Associate path,  I watched this (skipping the parts about vSS and vDS) in about two hours and it all seemed very logical so I looked at the VCA-NV Blueprint and it appeared as though the e-learning had covered most of the topics so I scheduled and took the online exam.  The exam is scheduled for 90 minutes with 50 questions,  however its multiple choice and it only took me about 30 minutes to complete and I passed.  Some questions are I thought badly worded but in general its a decent exam.

The VCA’s are a great way to measure your skills about a technology at a very high level and the NV was no different,  it covers the full range of knowledge about the product.

If the e-learning doesn’t give you enough detail or you want to know more,  I’ve since found the following NSX Overview split into two parts,  which I’d say re-enforce the knowledge required for the VCA-NV.

VirtualJad - NSX Introduction

VirtualJad - NSX Solution Overview

So if you interested in learning about NSX but maybe doubt if your organisation will implement NSX then the VCA is a nice way to three to four hours one evening.

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