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VMware Virtual Volumes Deep Dive

How vVols Will Help

The constraints and issues which VVOLs address include, LUNs introduce constrains such as the quantity of LUNs we can present,  having lots of LUNs each with unused space is in efficient as such we currently shared VMs on data stores and this  gives a lack of granular control for passing storage attribute on a per-VM basis.

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Calling 64bit Powershell From 32bit Powershell

The %windir%\System32 directory is reserved for 64-bit applications. Most file names were not changed when 64-bit versions of the DLLs were created, so 32-bit versions are stored in a different directory. WOW64 hides this difference by using a file system redirector. As such whenever a 32-bit application attempts to access %windir%\System32, the access is redirected to %windir%\SysWOW64.

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VMware Projects Fargo (VMFork) & Meteor

There was announced during VMworld a technology preview for Project Fargo (formerly VMFork) it is likely this will be launched with vSphere6. The aim of Fargo is to provides a fast, scalable differential clone of a running VM.  I see this as very similar to Redirect-on-Write (RoW) methodology used by NetApp snapshots where at the point of snap the existing blocks are frozen and any writes (creations/changes/deletions) are redirected to new blocks. However with Fargo rather than than a snapshot we are creating a Copy-on-Write(CoW) the difference being that with CoW the original data that is being written to is copied into a new file that is set aside for the snapshot before original data is overwritten. So before a write is allowed to a block, copy-on-write moves the original data block to the snapshot storage.

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NetApp FAS IOPS Theoretical Maximum & Workload Aggregate Load Balancing

To achieve good performance for a virtualized workload your Storage Area Network (SAN) should deliver high IOps with a predictable low latency. If you are using a good flash system where IOps (Input/Output Operations Per Second) effectively become an unlimited resource then latency will probably be your limiting factor.

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