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NSX Distributed Firewall Under The Covers

An NSX distributed firewall (dFW) runs as an ESXi host as a kernel module added as a VMware Installation Bundle (VIB). The dFW rules operate on Layer 2 through Layer 4; although this can be extended through Layer 7 by integrating with a 3-Party vendor.

  • L2 rules are based on MAC address L2 protocols like ARP, RARP and LLDP etc.
  • L3 & 4 rules are based on IP source/destination and L4 uses a TCP or UDP ports.
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VSAN On Array Not Support Pass Through Mode – Dell Perc 710P Mini

Several array controllers do not support pass through mode,  as such to use this will VSAN, we need to create a single disk RAID0 group for every SSD and HDD.

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Handling VSAN Ineligible Disks

If you are reusing a server and \ or disks which will become a VSAN cluster you may find some of your disks show as ineligible. In the Cluster, Manage tab, Virtual SAN, Disk Management section.

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What is Virtustream xStream Cloud

If you are an IT consumer with Enterprise workload it is a risk moving this workload to the cloud,  how can you guarantee your potential future cloud provider is delivering you the service you require and once there how can you measure how well they are achieving delivering that service.

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PowerCLI 6.0 R1 Module Path Issue

The install for PowerCLI 6.0 R1 sets the module path for the logged on user but no one else,
on a shared machine the other users get a module path error when PowerCLI launches and it tries to use a module to display version.

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