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Configuring Synology iSCSI For ESXi

To configure a Synology disk station to present LUNs as iSCSI for ESXi hosts is straight forwards. As unlike NFS, iSCSI support is enabled by default.

The first step to is to use Storage Manager to form the LUN, to do this open Storage Manager and change to iSCSI LUN and click create

Use wizard to give the LUN a name, specify which volume it will reside, whether you want it thick, and its size, if this is your first iSCSI LUN ensure iSCSI target mapping is Create a new iSCSI target

Leave all defaults for target

Once completed, edit the new target and ensure all LUNs are mapped which you would want to present to ESXi.

If you now create a iSCSI adapater and point it to the Synology IP to dynamically discover the LUNs as shown here.

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